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            On March 16, 1953, under the leadership of Reverend Theodore A. Kurtz, of Washington, D.C., Spring Branch Community Church, was organized at 1101 Whatcoat Street.  With the assistance of the Late Reverend Timothy Boddie, former Pastor of New Shiloh Baptist Church, Reverend Kurtz, as Pastor, with Deacon York Eggleston serving as chairman of the diaconate ministry, the name Spring Branch Community Church was changed and incorporated as Greater Harvest Baptist Church; and in May of 1953, made its official transition from Whatcoat Street to 2045 West North Avenue.

            Throughout the life of Greater Harvest, God smiled upon the ministry with blessings of productive, devout Christian Ministers to serve as pastors.  In 1954, after the resignation of Reverend Kurtz, God sent and the church elected Reverend Salters Burgess to serve as Pastor.  Under the leadership of Reverend Burgess, the church continued to grow and as a result, on December 16, 1955, Greater Harvest relocated to a larger edifice at 2661 Harlem Avenue.  Reverend Burgess served as pastor until January 13, 1960, when he retired.  Reverend Wilborn Gilmore was elected and served as pastor until his resignation December of 1972.

            During the interim, Deacon Thomas J. Howell Sr. was responsible for leading the saints of Greater Harvest until April of 1973, when Reverend John Pettiford was installed Pastor.  Under the leadership of Reverend Pettiford, the church continued to experience growth and on December 14, 1975, Reverend Pettiford along with the leadership and discipleship of Greater Harvest marched from Harlem Avenue to 1617 West Saratoga Street.  On January 30, 1984, the Lord suddenly called Reverend Pettiford home to his eternal resting place.

            During the interim Deacon Jerry Griffin was very instrumental in sustaining the saints of Greater Harvest until October of 1985, when the church elected Reverend Errol D. Gilliard Sr., to serve as under Shepard.  Reverend Gilliard was installed April 26, 1986, and immediately began to push Greater Harvest to higher heights and deeper depths with his passion for evangelism, community work and soul winning.   Reverend Gilliard served as pastor until his transition from labor to rest on September 17, 2016.

            During Reverend Gilliard’s brief illness, the Lord lead him to appoint Reverend Brent A. Brown to serve as Executive Pastor of Greater Harvest.  Reverend Brown served as Executive Pastor from early 2016 to November of 2016, when he was officially elected to serve as Pastor.  On April 30, 2017, Reverend Brown was installed as the fifth Pastor of Greater Harvest Baptist Church.  Keeping track with our fundamental values and building upon the foundation that has been laid, Reverend Brown continues to gracefully lead Greater Harvest into deeper spiritual growth, increased membership and innovative ways of operating in ministry with excellence without losing the unique voice that Greater Harvest has possessed down through the years.



“Greater Harvest is a like-minded body of disciples, striving to bring generations to Christ, equipping believers with the necessary tools to be successful and live a holistic life.”

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