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“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” -Philippians 4:13

Barriers are defined as obstacles that prevent movement or access. Whether the barrier prevents something from entering or exiting, the central thought is that there is a hindrance to movement. When we reflect on our lives, ministries, and communities, we all have some barriers. Whether we built the barriers ourselves or simply allowed others to place them there, we all have some barriers. This year, our focus is on BREAKING BARRIERS! As The Apostle Paul offers encouragement to The Philippian Church, he assures them of their ability to do all things through Christ, who gives them strength. During the time that Apostle Paul penned his letter to The Philippian Church, he was experiencing the barrier of incarceration while The Philippian Church was experiencing the barriers of being a new church, having people outside of the church attempt to sway their founding views and the persecution of their decision to have faith in Jesus Christ. Whether financial, health, blight, racism, discrimination or a myriad of other barriers, we all share the tension of something preventing our progress. This year, 2024, we are declaring the barriers are coming down! There are some things that need to go and some things that need to come in. We will not be bound to the barriers of our past nor the confusion of our present age. 

Through the preaching and teaching of the gospel, our discipline to apply what we receive through prayer, and our intentionality to move in a Holy Spirit-led manner, WE ARE BREAKING BARRIERS! 

We are already seeing God’s hand move on our behalf. Testimonies from The Harvest Family have already been shared. We are moving forward, upward, and higher because of the barriers that are being broken. 

LET NOTHING HINDER YOU! Continue to Break Barriers!

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